I'm a user experience design leader living in San Diego who loves building great teams and delivering products that delight customer and shareholders alike..

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Work Samples

Collaborative Map App
Working with an iOS developer, we started ChatMap, a collaborative map and communication tool. I was responsible for all UI and UX work, along with some backend work.

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Driving App - Mobile App Wireframes
This driving app enables people to consume and create location-based "road posts" or audio files while driving. Take a look at a few wireframes for the mobile app.

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Gas Finder for CheckIt - Mobile App
Most driving apps rely on a map, CheckIt on the other hand shuns them as it explores what utility can be provided without a map. The app was looking to incorporate a gas finder into it. After several explorations, a solution involving two taps was created that maintained some choice and relied on a maneuver list for directions.

Gas Finder Examples

TurboTax / TurboTax UI Guidelines
As the lead designer for TurboTax, I was responsible for bringing consistency throughout the application. I brought together a cross-functional team to develop standards and guidelines for TurboTax.

UI Guidelines

Customer Support WireFrames
Intuit was interested in helping their customer service reps better at fielding questions and helping customers. These design explorations capture early phase work in the design process.

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TurboTax FAFSA (Student Loans)
With my 'white-space time, I innitated a new product offereing. I performed the upfront research to determine viability, interaction design, prototyping and front-end coding (HTML,jQuery, JS, CSS).

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Hardware for Video Games
MatterDaddy goal was to change the way we play first-person shooters on the pc by eliminating the needed for a keyboard. This was a company I founded but only raised ~$45K of my ~$170k goal on Kickstarter. The following is our application that is used to configure the controller and share button mapping for specific games. You can also check out MatterDaddy.com

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Reviews & Guides.
As the UI lead on the eBay Reviews & Guides, I was helped design a system that would allow the eBay community to share their knowledge with the others.

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Blood Glucose Reporting
An insulin pump that synchs with your computer and reports you blood glucose and insulin usage needs the data to be visualized. I designed the UI of the application and did some of the front-end code work.

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Personal Project
MakerFlix is a site I created to aggregate movies about makers, people who make stuff. From a technical perspective, it uses JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and PHP/MySQL. I no longer maintain it and some of the functionality has decayed as my hosting provider has made changes.

Check out MakerFlix

Tools & Languages

I believe that prototyping is an integral part of the process. Prototypes are crucial in getting the team on the same page and clearly communicating how the product will work. Much of interaction design is finding something that feels right, there is no other way than to actually build and refine.

When it comes to bringing a new design to life, I typically reach for a pencil and paper. I prefer 11x17. I'll work through sketches and wireframes using several sheets. After testing concepts, it is off to Affinity Designer then into HTML where we can begin to see what it will be like to use and test with customers. As of late, I've been using Twitter Bootstrap as a wireframe / prototyping framework, along with jQuery, HTML, CSS and often PHP for managing multiple variations.

Design and Development tools

My tools of choice for designing, prototyping, and delivering products:

User Experience Methods

The following are tools that I've used in the past to research, evaluate or design products:

About Me


I'm a user experience designer living in San Diego, Encinitas to be exact. I've been creating software, websites and applications that have addressed the needs of millions of customers across many industries. From eBay to TurboTax, customers have played a central role in delivering solutions that delight both customers and shareholders.

I love doing. I've initiated new product offerings, I can lead, code, design, and am happy to facilitate usability sessions. I've guest lectured at UCSD and taught seminars on User Centered Design. I enjoy working in small teams with big challenges. I hate the phrase, "It's not my job."


- My undergraduate degree is in Economics from UC San Diego.
- My Masters degree is in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.

For fun...

I enjoy anything involving designing, building, or learning. I can be found doing home improvement projects, growing veggies and hops for my homebrew, playing soccer, running, surfing, riding motorcycles and the occasional skate session. I also enjoy coding for the web and Arduino, and playing video games. As of late, I've been diving into cooking techniques and unearthing what makes food taste good, besides hunger.

In 2017, I started Dirtbikes with Dad, provinding family-friendly campouts and riding weekends to its over 30+ participants.

My favorite foods do not require utensils: burritos and pizza.

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phone: 760.576.4865

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